Our Fundraisers

Tented, ‘mobile’ schools are a common sight in Namibia’s rugged northwest, providing basic, formal education to pre-school and the lower primary grades – children who are too young to attend school and boarding hostels hundreds of kilometres from their homes. The Onguta School supports sixty children from a number of farming communities in the Ehirovipuka Conservancy. Until mid-2019, Onguta’s youngest keenly attended their classes in the rain, dust and wind, with summer temperatures reaching 45 degrees at least. 

When we first met the two dedicated teachers and Headman Ndjiwa of Onguta thirteen years ago, we pledged to help this community build a school. July 2019, with the generous support of AfriCat UK, Ms Lia Spitters – a volunteer to Stichting SPOTS, Netherlands – AVRIL Payment Solution & Cowboys Trading, the Namibian Lion Trust and AfriCat gifted the Onguta School to this community. This joyous occasion is sadly marred by the fact that we still owe ‘Cowboys’, the family-run business who ‘made magic’ building Onguta school in six weeks, a substantial sum of Namibian Dollars 600,000. The ‘Cowboys’ Team is in dire straits, locked down in the town of Swakopmund, Namibia, unable to do business due to the present COVID-19 predicament. Namibian Lion Trust is committed to settling this bill by 30 September 2020 – Please help us reach this deadline.