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In order to ensure the long-term survival of the lion (Panthera leo), the Namibian Lion Trust has developed three interdependent programmes to support the recovery, survival, and range-wide expansion of this Big Cat species, namely For Lions – For Life – For Our Future.

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Thanksgiving – Thank You for Giving

True to our mission: For Lions, For Life & For Our Future, thanks to our dedicated sponsors & donors, the Namibian Lion Trust has been able to ‘stay out there’ in the field, through COVID, uplifting farming communities whilst simultaneously mitigating conflict with predators, especially lion.
However, it is becoming increasingly challenging to support our Lion Guards with their families, and the school children who depend on us.
“An Educated Child will Save the Wild” is an Appeal to you, to support the Namibian Lion Trust through

Lion Ranger Programme

The Lion Ranger Programme covers eleven Communal Conservancies, where forty-eight Lion Rangers assist in monitoring the whereabouts of both collared and uncollared Lion in order to establish movement patterns and, together with the data retrieved from the widely dispersed trail cameras & Early-Warning Loggers within their area as well as Lion-sightings reported by community members, the Rangers are able to forewarn farmers who live in conflict zones. When the Early-Warning System (EWS) detects lion movement or when an incident is reported, the Rapid Response Unit moves out to support the affected farmers or community, as well as to protect the Lion. Their night- and / or day-time patrols contribute to the protection of both the livestock and the villagers.

Trained in the use of SMART (Spatial Monitoring & Reporting Tool), the collection and evaluation of valuable information on lion whereabouts, livestock management as well as lion and livestock mortalities, provides for reliable reporting and assessment. The Rangers contribute towards a greater understanding of wildlife behaviour by meeting with farmers and traditional leaders to discuss workable solutions to the ever-present Human-Wildlife Conflict; by providing guidance and assistance, they encourage the farming communities to adopt our Livestock Protection Programme, which includes employing herdsmen and protecting their livestock at night. Together with the Ministry of Environment, Forestry & Tourism (MEFT) and the Department of Veterinary Services, the Lion Rangers patrol & repair Protected Area fence-breaks, also reporting on poaching and other illegal activities. Last but not least, the Rangers identify communities in need of our support.

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‘The work of a Lion Guard is never done: a change of heart & mind-set, attitudes and behaviour, especially ‘adapting’ age-old farming practices, takes time, determination and steadfastness… but will bring us all one step closer to co-existence between man and lion.’ Tammy Hoth-Hanssen, Founder & Director Namibian Lion Trust

World Lion Day 2023

An educated Child will Protect the Wild!

Namibian Lion Trust is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions to the farmer-lion conflict. Through our Conservation Education we strive to encourage young and old, to step back and take a look at how privileged we are to live in this vast, natural world that is NAMIBIA, and learn to appreciate the pristine wilderness that still exists. The Education of our Children is primary to protecting this fragile ecosystem … they must learn to co-exist … to Live with Wildlife and not against it, as they hold the lions’ future in their hands.